Her Royal Christmas Blogness

21 Dec

Last night, we had a little Christmas dinner with our good friends Gabe and Keely. Without Keely, there would be no “25 Days of Christmas” blog. Seriously.

We became good friends when we were roommates several years ago on a Compassion trip to Ecuador…something about my first trip to a third world country, coupled with my hotel snobbiness, coupled with a lizard in her bed on our first night as roomies really bonded us.

I needed someone to talk too. Someone who wouldn’t judge me for my snobbiness…someone who understood that when I said I was in Stage 6 culture shock, I wasn’t kidding…

Back to Keely’s involvement in my blog. I now refer to her as “Her Blogness”, because she is about 15 years younger than me, and she knows stuff. About blogging.

And stuff about computers.

And cutting and pasting and dragging and downloading and uploading and photoshopping and screen shots and links and copying links….ugh,my pits are sweaty.

So after my friend Spence got in my head about doing a blog, I decided to call on Keely for help…


everyday since December the first, I have sent her an email and she has magically transformed it into my blog. And created the page. And made it snow on the page. Lord.

Kids these days.

So here is where we went to eat. It’s yummers…want to know something weird…I ordered deviled eggs with this sweet bacon sitting underneath them, and our men turned up their noses. And Her Blogness and I ate all six of them ourselves. They just don’t understand the delish-ness of a good deviled egg.

Weird that they offer deviled eggs as an appetizer, so I figured if they offered something so random, the were bound to be special.

This is Keely and Gabe. Gabe could care less about blogging, twittering, social networking, etc. which makes him cooler than the rest of us. The other thing that makes him cool is that he can play 97 different instruments. And does so for lots of famous people.

OK, 97 might be a stretch, but not by much.

Oh, and he’s cute as you can see. He doesn’t get paid for that, but it doesn’t hurt…

I got Keely an extra big present because she is my Blogness, and your Blogness,too, if you are reading this….a couple little fun things from Gilchrist Gilchrist, our common love, and a nice gift certificate, too! (Maybe she will spend it on me…)

I was so mad because my battery was broken on my camera, so we had to use the iphone camera, and in both the pics of me and Keely, our eyes look like demons and they are kind of blurry, so I’m putting in this one for good measure because it’s super cute and makes me happy…

This is us at the beach this summer. The girl in the hat is Jill. My best friends wear cowboy hats and have nose piercings.

Then there’s me.

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our good friends, and I came home with a few nice gifts myself…a cute candle holder made of mercury glass, an awesome bracelet, and a few other fun things. You shouldn’t have!

The other weird thing is that for some reason long ago I started calling Keely, Keelzebub, because it rhymed with Beelzebub in the Bible. I think I thought that Beelzebub was some lady in the scriptures. But it’s not.

It means Satan.


So now I just call her Zabub. Or Bubs for short.

So now we have several options for you to call Keely if you ever meet her….

1.Her Royal Blogness
2.Her Blogness
3.Keelzebub if you are mad at her

In closing, this blog today is really to say thanks to Keely since my 25 Days of Christmas is coming to a close. You can see her AMAZING photography and read about her fab life on her Blog.

Oh, and you can follow cowboy hat girl on twitter @jilltom. She’s really funny, but I take no responsibility nor do I endorse any of her comments. But she’s funny.

Have a great day and don’t forget to thank Keely Marie Scott….Her Royal Blogness…because she reads your comments…


7 Responses to “Her Royal Christmas Blogness”

  1. Lindsey Nobles December 21, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    I know you guys had a great time. I think Gabe kinda looks like a Beatle. The band, not the bug. And no, I don’t know which one.

  2. Misty Fagan December 21, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    Sounds like you have some awesomely dedicated friends! If I had somebody to do the hard part of the blogs for me, I might blog more often… which would be something like 3 times a year 🙂

  3. Amy edgemon December 21, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    These blogs have made me smile and laugh out loud every day. Thank you Shelley for writing and keely “her blogness”— You are amazing! Thanks for bringing the laughs and smiles I needed to the web!
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Karen December 21, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    Thanks Keely (or whatever you should have been called) this blog’s interface is really cute! Aw, and this “snowing” thing, the cutest ever (I just love it)!!
    And please, do us a favor, and keep helping Shelley and her blog for the entire next year! 😀 You know she has this gift to make us laugh with a single phrase, don’t ya? This gift cannot be wasted!

    Be safe you people!
    Just 4 more days to Christmas!

  5. kirsten December 22, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    thanks Keely – queen of everything cool. that’s my name for you. maybe we’ll hang out in 2011 or at least break into your place over july 4th for fireworks or take the pups to the dog park.

  6. Jodi December 22, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    Keely Thanks for making Shelley’s blog all that it has been 🙂 You sound like an awesome friend! btw I have read your blog for awhile and admired your photography ! it’s amazing work! You do posses many gifts! Merry Christmas


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    […] about it…I’m figuring I will take a break for sure starting the 26th, and see if maybe Keely can give me a crash course on actually posting these things on my own. Maybe starting January the […]

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