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Christmas Movie Magic

19 Dec

Today is the last day of our tour. We are in Greenwood, South Carolina and the sun is shining and it’s not near as cold as it has been everywhere else. I’m always a little sad to say good bye to all my bandmates, but this year I am more spent and tired than usual, so home is looking real good about now. It will be fast and furious the next couple of days getting ready for our family Christmas, but once we get to Little Rock, I’m fully expecting my mom and dad to wait on me hand and foot. Actually, it’ll pretty much be mom waiting on everybody, but I heard somewhere that’s what moms like to do…we’ll see.

One of the things I like to do in my “downtime” is watch all my favorite Christmas movies…
Here are my top three recommendations…

1.Number one of all time….Miracle on 34th Street

Here is the thing….they have a new really cute version with Dylan McDermott as the mom’s boyfriend, but I really like the old one best. And not the “colorized” old one. The black and white one. It’s the first one I ever watched with my mom years ago, and it’s perfect just like it is.

2.This is a brand new one that Caroline and I actually just watched yesterday. You can get it at Target and honestly I wasn’t expecting much, but we both LOVED it. You have to watch it with your “child eyes”, but it’s sweet and colorful, a little real life and a little fantasy. And the little girl Quinn is redonk cute.

The Search for Santa Paws

Caroline wanted me to tell you her favorite thing about the movie was the cute fluffy white dog. He talks. In fact, there are numerous talking dogs. So you will love this movie if you’re in to that kind of thing…

3. I feel like I should pick another older classic for number three, like White Christmas or something, but honestly, my other seasonal “must watch” is The Polar Express. I’m always completely amazed by the animation. It’s so good it’s a little creepy at times. But creepy good.

And Tom Hanks is awesome in it…his voice anyway….

Hey, by the way, have you seen our POG Christmas countdown widget?? It’s kinda cool…

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better late than never…


Meet The Family ( Part 2)

17 Dec

I am currently on the road to Baltimore as I type this. We are on our way to our next stop on our “Home for the Holidays” tour. I think this drive is about 13 hours from Chicago. I realized yesterday that I never did the second installment of Meet My Road Family. We only have 3 shows left and it has been a blast. I will really miss these hard working folks!!

This beautiful girl is DeMetri Moon. She goes to Trevecca Nazarene University and is an awesome fiddle player. She has been a blessing to us on this tour. Not only does she play the fiddle and study faithfully on the road to keep her grades up, but she also does Caroline’s and Darby’s hair every night. They LOVE her. And we do, too.

This is Chris August. I took his picture during soundcheck. He has been opening for us. His record is SO GOOD. He just had his first number one single, Starry Night. My husband is his agent and the first time he played me his record I said, “If this guy doesn’t make it in Christian music, then no one will…”  You should buy it, it’s called “No Far Away.” Super dee duper…and I get no kick back for saying that…He also makes me laugh, and that’s a bonus…

Darby and Caroline got to go with us on this last run. They sing every night and just love it! Honestly, I think they just love to show off whatever cool hair-do they have, compliments of DeMetri. They got these hats from somewhere in the church. I hope they left them there, but knowing them, they probably stole them…

This sweet smiley girl is Rebecca. She is the representative from American Bible Society that is traveling with us for the Christmas tour. You’ve never met a nicer, more positive person and I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure that deep down inside she thinks we aren’t Christians. Actually, she’s probably too nice to think that…

I saved this guy for last. This is Dana. If you have seen us in the last 15 years, then you have seen him. He is our Mr. Everything. Guitar player, road manager, merch guy, and most importantly our biggest fan and encourager. He has so many jobs on this tour-I’m afraid we might just kill him. Pray he lasts for 3 more days! Big love to you, Dana!!!!!

On a serious note, which I don’t do often or well, I am blessed to love the people I travel with. It would be a long lonely road if I didn’t. We laugh a ton and encourage one another along the way. So a big thank you to all of my road family. You all are the best.

Stay tuned tomorrow, where I will share with you my all time favorite holiday music and movies….

Christmas Shopping

16 Dec

Hey, if you need a few more gifts that won’t break the bank, I was looking at the POG webstore a couple days ago and thought to myself, “some of this stuff would seriously be great little inexpensive Christmas gifts…”

I actually emailed my record label and asked them to send me these images separately so I could show ya’ll. I just picked out the four things I thought you might really like…

OK, so check out this cute t-shirt we have. Many of you are familiar with our “busy mom” song, Love and Laundry…I’m gonna show you the “retro” looking shirt first.

I love this chick on here showing off her guns. It’s 15 dollars. It comes in blue and green. It has a cute more fitted cut. Translation…shelley wears an XL.

I told you it was cute. She has an iphone in her hand. Just so you know, none of us in POG have an iphone. We are in a life imprisonment contract with Verizon.

This is our little home made “Love and Laundry” video. If you haven’t seen it you should watch it because it’s kinda cute. Lots of kid stuff in it…

OK, I know we have other Christmas records, but this is our BRAND SPANKING NEW ONE. “Home for the Holidays.” Little known fact-we recorded it live at Reba’s studio this summer in 3 days. You would think that would have saved us time, but we practiced for weeks in advance, so I’m not sure it did…but it was a great experience. This is 9.99 on the website.

OK, I swear this is really cute in person. We don’t have a “REAL” picture of it, and this one looks weird with the “bosom” drawn in like that. (I mean who really looks like that…)But Denise had one and it was really cute. I was going to take a picture of it and show you, but she just told me she lost it. She said it’s white with a chocolate brown logo and design.

This drawing cracks me up…I’ll leave it at that….
Oh, it’s 29.99….

This is our Holiday Collection from a couple of years back. It’s basically a “best of” our first two Christmas albums, with one new song-Tennesse Christmas…
I just like the cover, so I wanted to show it to ya’ll. Pretty sure it’s 9.99, too.

And last but not least, we have a little bargain bundle.

You get either a blue or green Laundry shirt, our new Christmas CD, our new cookbook, a little oven mit, and 7 new recipes that we gave especially for this package. They are recipes that aren’t in the cookbook! New ones. This pack is gonna run ya 44.99.

OK, so leave the traffic to someone else, and click on over to to finish your Christmas shoppin’!

Hurry. And buy a lot. Caroline will be in college before you know it.